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A practical guide for successfully riding the highs and lows of variable cash flow — with less gut-wrenching uncertainty

The freelance life… if you’ve been doing it for a few months or a few years, you’re most likely really enjoying it — because of the freedom.

You can attend your children’s school events or tend to family things like appointments when necessary. You have flexibility as to how you spend your time or which projects you’ll take on. Best of all, you don’t have to sit in traffic!

I’ve been freelancing for 19 years and my joy is knowing I can ride my bike in the middle of the day any time I want to.

But the dirty little secret about freelancing… the one that no one, absolutely no one prepares you for… is the erratic income.

You know what I’m talking about. One month your income is super high, the next month you’re scrambling under the couch cushions looking for spare change.

And each month, as your income goes up and down, up and down, and you find yourself struggling to make ends meet no matter how much money you’re making, you start to wonder, “Is it me? Do I not know how to handle my money? I did fine when I had a ‘real’ job. When will it get easier?”

It’s not you. It’s the advice you’ve been listening to.

The standard financial advice we’ve all been given, such as “save 10% of your income,” is based on old ideas about money that were developed decades ago for people who worked full-time jobs at the same company for 20 or 30 years and then retired with a pension.

Standard financial advice is not geared toward people like you and me with our highly volatile and erratic cash flow.

I’m Dianna Huff, and it wasn’t until I was forced to deal with my own variable income challenge that I finally figured out how to better manage it. The result is Cash Flow for Freelancers.

Why Cash Flow for Freelancers is different

Cash Flow is a guide, a workbook and a little bit inspiration all in one. Instead of tired advice (“save 10%, bill your clients faster, raise your rates,” etc.), you’ll find strategies based on new ideas — ideas that fit with your freelancer life and mindset.

With Cash Flow for Freelancers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine your own break-even number (the heart of the cash flow process)
  • Set realistic and achievable sales and income goals
  • Think differently about how to bill your clients and market your services
  • Put to rest the “feast or famine” existence
  • Slowly build a cash cushion that you use during low income months

The guide includes five tested exercises for gaining financial clarity, five strategies for building a steady(er) income, and one short chapter on dealing with debt (from the freelancer perspective) — all for $49.

“I’ve seen a lot of small businesses go under due to cash flow issues. And I’ve created a number of wildly complex cash-flow projection spreadsheets for companies in crisis. But Dianna’s solution is so simple, so easy that you don’t need a CPA or an accountant to keep on track. I like the emphasis on controlling cash flow by also looking at the outflows. This is such an easy fix, and so often overlooked.”

— Liz Farr, CPA

Who should read this guide? You!

No matter what kind of freelance work you do, if you work project-to-project and have variable income challenges, this guide is for you: writers, graphic designers, software coders, translators, artists, illustrators, videographers, composers, photographers, app developers, consultants, transcriptionists, etc.

The information is applicable to any freelancer in any country.

“Dianna throws the hammer down on all the ‘standard’ financial advice that doesn’t work well for self-employed professionals.”
— Ed Gandia, High Income Business Writing

“Love Dianna Huff’s new book on cash flow for freelancers. ‘Part 3, Strategy 2’ on how to create reoccurring income is golden.”
— Steve Slaunwhite, Consultant, Author, Speaker

“I’ve been in business by myself for over 15 years and I still found several insights and nuggets that I could use to improve the cash flow in my own business.”
— Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

“Dianna really understands the freelancer’s financial dilemma.” — Mary Rosewood