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Cash Flow for Freelancers was created in partnership with Rachel Cunliffe as part of our joint venture, Thoughtful Books. Dianna wrote it; Rachel gave heaps of feedback and designed it.

Our goal with Thoughtful Books is to provide sound, solid information in an overwhelming sea of resources.

We create our products in and around doing our client work, raising children, and living our lives. We’re both huge advocates of making lots of little changes that result in big changes over time. We talk. A lot! We’re proud of what we’ve achieved together in the six years we’ve been collaborating, especially since Rachel is in New Zealand and Dianna is in New Hampshire.

While we’re over 9,000 miles apart geographically and fifteen years apart in age, we share a similar philosophy when it comes to doing business. We’re passionate about working hard with clients to help them tell their stories and get results through thoughtful, well-designed and well-articulated websites, blogs, and marketing pieces.

As we do with our client work, we put heaps of time, thought, and effort into creating our Thoughtful products. Our mission is to help you create long-term, sustainable results.

 Dianna Huff and Rachel Cunliffe

Dianna and Rachel at Rachel’s house in New Zealand, March 2016

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