Headstones Do Not Last Forever

No matter what type of material a grave stone is made from, it will eventually degrade over time. This is especially true whether you purchase a commercial stone or create your own DIY stone to save money or add a personalized touch. If you’re wondering how to replace a damaged grave stone, here are a few things you should know.

Inspect Headstone for Damage

If the inscription on a grave stone is no longer legible or if the stone itself is cracked, crumbling, or broken, it is definitely time to replace it. There are other reasons you may want to replace an old stone, including a spelling error or the desire to upgrade to a larger or better quality stone. Once you decide to replace a stone, talk to the cemetery about how to initiate the process.

Available Cemetery Funds

If it’s determined that the grave stone has been damaged by cemetery personnel, talk to the cemetery about replacing it. Most cemeteries maintain a fund for the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds. This fund is also used to repair grave stones that are damaged by cemetery personnel or equipment. The cemetery should cover all costs associated with replacing the stone.

Government-Owned Cemetery

There are specific procedures that must be followed when replacing cemetery headstones in government-owned cemeteries. Those made from bronze must be returned to the original manufacturing contractor, while those made from granite or marble must be destroyed. To be considered “destroyed”, the inscription on the stone must no longer be legible.

Select a Durable Replacement Stone

Once you’ve notified the cemetery that you want to replace a stone, choose the new stone you want and arrange for it to be delivered to the grave site. You may choose to purchase the stone from the cemetery or from an independent company. Make sure you select a material that is durable and will last for many years to come.